"Bill Charmatz was perfect for me. The sense of humor he brought to my column was dark and light at the same time, and that was the sort of tone I was trying to create. His illustrations were sometimes silly yet created a sense of criminality in the situation without being frightening."

- Marilyn Stasio, crime and mystery reviewer for The New York Times Book Review


"He was without a doubt the most prolific illustrator and painter I've ever seen. I mean he was relentless in exploring things and developing things. "

- Harv Toback, art director/painter


"One of the great things about working with Bill is that I work with a lot of illustrators and many of them, most of them actually, use computers and that's just the way illustration has evolved, and they do wonderful work. But there's something that is lost, in my opinion, between computer generated illustration and hand drawn illustration, and certainly no one epitomizes that difference more than Bill because of the way he draws - I was really interested in having him draw for the magazine."

- Cameron Woo, publisher, BARK magazine


"Well, he was a great colorist. But his work had a texture to it, and it felt like - "Wow, this stuff should be animated!" You know, it was animated, even though it was static, it was animated. And his line was always very expressive."

- Steve Heller, senior art director, The New York Times





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